Why Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with an area of 111 thousand sq. Km in Southeast Europe, occupying 23% of the territory of the Balkan Peninsula. By area it is the 11th in the European Union.

It is an incredibly beautiful country with high mountains, valleys, plains and sea. The land is fertile and cultivated from ancient times.

Bulgaria has a near century long tradition in essential plants cultivation and essential oil production. During the last few years the volumes of lavender oil produced in Bulgaria steadily exceed those of France and the country has become the world’s top lavender oil producer, growing over 6000 ha of different lavender varieties, alongside with Rose Oil Melissa, Thymus, Chamomile, Yarrow and many others. The country is situated in a privileged area, favorable climate, unspoiled fields for successful industrial production of essential oils from lavender, roses and others.

Short history: In 1989 the political system changed. From being under communism, the country became a democracy. The large cooperative farms were closed down, and their plantations were abandoned without adequate care.

From 1989 to 2007 most of the agricultural land was not harvested, and after Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, the interest for agriculture in the country returned due to subsidies and an easy export access to other markets.

Today the essential oils sector is flourishing and the same is true for all the newly planted lavender fields in Bulgaria. Production of all types of essential oils is growing rapidly together with development of new modern distilleries. All these compound elements make Bulgaria a reliable source for huge variety of quality essential oils.