About us

TradeOilsBG was founded by two entrepreneurs who have background in construction development, advertisement, renewable energy and own agricultural production of lavender oil and walnuts.

The mother company has approximately 500Ha of own workable agricultural land situated in the southern part of Bulgaria.

As a producer and trader of Bulgarian agricultural products, we have many years of experience and a great knowledge of growing, harvesting, processing and distribution.

Since the company’s management is a mix of nationalities, during the years we have achieved international competences and intercultural sensitivity.

Paired with our business, technological and environmental knowledge we have created  a very optimised organisation focussing on our main priority – to satisfy the customers needs and deliver a turn key solution.

Our main goal is to deliver high quality products from Bulgaria at a low price.

To obtain the highest quality, we go in search of the strongest aromatic plants from the cleanest environments in Bulgaria.

We create local contacts and assure the plants quality by accompanying and endorsing the working process. 

We monitor the distillation process of the essential oils. 

Being aware of the whole process has given us a deeper understanding of all variables influencing the quality of the final products, such as annual climate conditions, harvesting time, maturity of the plants and storage conditions.  For most of our products, we witness the extraction process from the distillery, which is the best guarantee for the quality and purity of the oils. This gives us and our clients comfort, safety and security and allow us to reach our main goal.