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INTEGRITY - What you order is what you get delivered: We trade on behalf of our clients and we insist on transparency so all parties are satisfied.

TRANSPARENCY - We use unique approach using third party independent storage, to ensure safety for both parts of the trading process including transportation.

QUALITY - We guarantee your quality through samples and product certification.

EXPERIENCE - We have 15 years of experience and local knowledge.

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The concept

Providing direct link between suppliers and producers.
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without local distributor     without trader

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How does it work?

Place a quote to define your needs and type of oils.
Recieve quotation from us with samples.
ACCEPTANCE of product, quality and delivery.
PAYMENT and delivery of the products.

Our products

mint White yarrow
mint Helichrysum
mint Salvia (sage)
mint Roman chamomile
mint Oregano
mint Тhyme
mint Melissa Officinalis
mint Fennel
mint German chamomile
mint Rose oil
mint Lavender
mint Mint